4th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit

4th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit

26 – 29 August 2014. Montpellier, France. PSP5 Fifth international symposium on Phosphorus in the Soil-Plant as part of the PHOSPHORUS week 2014.

PSP5 is the fifth international symposium of a successful series on Phosphorus Dynamics in the Soil-Plant Continuum that was launched in Beijing (China) in 2000, then went to Perth (Australia) in 2003, Uberlandia (Brazil) in 2006 before coming back to Beijing (China) in 2010. It was the first time it occured in Europe.

PSP5 was a multidisciplinary event, gathering plant nutritionists (plant physiology, genetics and systems biology), agronomists, ecologists, biogeochemists and soil scientists from worldwide, fostering scientific exchanges across discipline boundaries, in order to face the challenge of phosphorus limitations in many agroecosystems and terrestrial ecosystems.

The PSP5 Full Programme is downloadable here.
1 – 3 September 2014. Montpellier, France. PSP5 was immediately followed by the 4th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit  where global concerns about Phosphorus sustainability will be discussed. 

The primary aim of this multidisciplinary event is to define the global research priority agenda, integrating phosphorus-related issues across scales, geographical regions and scientific domains. To do so, it will bring together scientists and stakeholders from worldwide, including developing and emerging countries, to foster exchanges of views across discipline boundaries and societal domains. In order to better improve phosphorus use efficiency along the whole of its cycle, it is also at stake to better raise public awareness on this major issue, and re-think education and learning on this matter. Participatory research and co-learning will thus be central in this event.

The full programme of SPS 2014 is downloadable here.


Phosphate rock in EU Critical Raw Materials list
17 July 2014. The European Commission has added phosphate rock to the list of 20 Critical Raw Materials, for which supply security is at risk and economic importance is high. Phosphate rock is identified as non-substitutable and of high economic importance.

The Phosphorus Challenge from Phosphorus Platform on Vimeo.

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