5th International Scientific Conference on Small Ruminant Production

5th International Scientific Conference on Small Ruminant Production

10 – 15 March 2015. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. This conference started with a workshop titled “Toward A Developed Sheep. Industry in Egypt” in Cairoon 10 March 2015 and then moved to Sharm El Sheikh.

The workshop focused on events affecting sheep and goat production in Egypt. Participants discussed opportunities and constraints facing small ruminant production and developed guidelines on how to improve the small ruminant industry in Egypt. 

The Egyptian Association For Sheep and Goats is an NGO established in Egypt aiming the development of sheep and goat sector in the country. The Association manage the following activities:

  • Consultation for establishing and developing sheep & goat farms.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies.
  • Advisory on solving problems facing sheep & goats breeders.
  • Integration between sheep & goats owners and producers and implementing cooperative investment
  • Producing extension publication.
  • Executing training programs on small ruminant issues.
  • Establishing animal’s shows and sharing in international shows for unique animals.
  • Facilitating genetic improvement among local flocks.
  • Management and supervising investment cooperative projects in areas of sheep & goat production and desert land reclamation.
  • Publishing “ Egyptian journal of sheep & goat sciences”
  • Holding International scientific conferences.
  • Establishing marketing channels for live animals and their products

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