Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Marketplace

Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Marketplace

8 to 11 April 2014. Brasilia. The Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation Market Place held its 2014 Forum in Brasilia, Brazil.

The objectives of the forum were to: 

  1. Foster knowledge sharing among African, Latin America and Caribbean and Brazilian AR4D professionals/practitioners; 
  2. Provide opportunities for learning between current implementers of MKTPlace-supported projects and graduated co-leaders; 
  3. Provide support in the implementation of Marketplace projects; 
  4. Discuss mechanisms and options to support scaling up of successful projects that have been completed; 
  5. Strengthening capacity in project implementation and scaling up/out.

8 African projects selected in the first call in 2011 have completed their activities and lessons learnt in terms of challenges; communication and germplasm exchange.

  1. Mozambique – Fostering knowledge sharing for integrated natural resource management in agricultural landscapes of Southern Africa (ICRAF) Download here
  2. Kenya – Sweet sorghum varietal adaptation for ethanol production Download here
  3. Ghana – Enhancing small-holder cowpea legume production using Rhizobium inoculants  Download here
  4. Kenya – Rehabilitation of degraded rangeland using planned grazing and animal impact in the arid and semi arid lands of Kenya Download here
  5. Ethiopia – Introduction of Napier grass elite lines for screening for stunt resistance to provide feed for improved smallholder dairy productivity (ILRI) Download here
  6. Togo – Pesticide leaching and loss to groundwater in coastal vegetable growers in Togo Download here
  7. Tanzania – Cotton varieties and pest management in Tanzania Download here
  8. Burkina Faso – Study of the ecology and nutritional potential of native food tree species used by local communities in Burkina Faso and Brazilian Amazon: A food security and conservation strategy in the context of climate change. Download here

12 African new projects were selected in December 2013.

  1. Malawi – Enhancing Crop Productivity through Solar-Powered Groundwater Based Drip Irrigation System in Malawi (Department of Agricultural Research Services, Ministry of Agriculture) 
  2. Uganda – Utilizing Sustainable Energy for Water Management in Semi-intensive Aquaculture (NARO) 
  3. Ethiopia – Narrowing the yield gap of food legumes through integrated management of parasitic weeds in the highlands of Ethiopia (ICRISAT )
  4. Mozambique – Sustainable Rice Production Intensification in Conservation Agriculture: Incorporation of Legume and Grass as Cover Crops for Weed Management and Soil Health Enhancement (Aga Khan Foundation) 
  5. Ethiopia -Assessment of the Booroola Fecundity (FecB) Gene in Ethiopian Sheep Breed for Improvement of Sheep Production (Mekelle University) 
  6. Uganda – Towards genetic improvement of farmer preferred rice varieties to the stalk-eyed fly (Diopsis sp): an emerging pest in rainfed irrigated rice growing ecosystems (Uganda Christian Uinversity) 
  7. Ethiopia – Improving crop productivity through use of efficient, low cost and climate smart irrigation technologies (Mekelle University) 
  8. Ghana – Comparative evaluation of different manual cassava harvesting tools (Crops Research Institute)
  9. Kenya – Confidence-Building in Modern Biotechnology: Optimizing Best Communication Practices and Policies to Guide Deployment of Biotech/GM crops in Africa and Brazil International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications 
  10. Tanzania – Exchange of banana and plantain (Musa spp.) varieties and hybrids between IITA and EMBRAPA – widening the genetic base for the development of new cultivars and direct use by farmers (IITA) 
  11. Uganda – Inoculation of efficient rhizobial strains as an approach to increase the pigeonpea production of smallholders in Uganda (NARO) 
  12. Ghana – Increased Smallholder Food Production Through Implementation of Water Conserving Aquaponics-based Food Systems (Crops Research Institute

For scaling up the results of the completed projects the IAR4D model successfully tested through the Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge Program (SSA CP) was recommended. The Dgroup of PAEPARD was also suggested to help improving communication between partners in sharing information and knowledge.

The Africa-Brazil Agricultural Innovation MarketPlace is a South-South cooperation led by Embrapa and FARA with the support from Bill and Melida Gates Foundation (BMGF), The World Bank, DFID, IFAD, ABC, FAO, CIAT, IICA & IDB.


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