Africa-Day at ZALF

Africa-Day at ZALF

21 October 2013.
Müncheberg Germany. Africa-Day at the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF)
 „Food Security in the light of Climate Change and Bioenergy – Challenges for Sub-Saharan Africa“

The objectives of the Africa-Day were to

  1. demonstrate interdisciplinary research knowledge and capacities at ZALF, 
  2. discuss with selected experts of funding organizations and research institutions innovative research approaches and initiatives for Sub-Saharan Africa, 
  3. link-up expertise and institutions for mutual exchange on research excellence and experiences and to 
  4. build a network for potential collaboration on existing and further projects and activities. Future collaboration potentials will be debated and further steps of cooperation defined.
Programme (extract)
  • Research Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa at ZALF: selected topics and research designs. (Stefan Sieber, ZALF)


  • ZALF : Land Scape by Hubert Wiggering

  • IPTS Research Projects in Africa (Sergio Gomez, EU Commission)

  • BMBF perspective of research in Africa (Ramón Kucharzak, BMBF) 

    • GIZ perspective of research in Africa (Michel Bernhard, GIZ) 
    • MWFK perspective of research in Africa (Claudia Herok, MWFK) 
    • PTJ perspective on Trans-SEC  

    25th of October 2013. Article published in Märkische Oderzeitung (MOZ). The article is written in German.

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