Africa-EU policies for innovation systems

Africa-EU policies for innovation systems

24-25 November 2014. Entebbe, Uganda. Uganda’s National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST), a CAAST-Net Plus partner, hosted the first CAAST-Net Plus stakeholder forum. Seventy-five key representatives from both public and private sectors, including civil society organisations and the media, had been invited to contribute experiences and ideas about Transferring knowledge into solutions: Africa-EU policies for innovation systems addressing societal challenges (read the concept note + Download detailed agenda)

Specific aims of the forum included:

  • promoting a common understanding of the role of knowledge in societal and economic development;
  • identifying good practice examples of knowledge transfer within and between Africa and the EU;
  • analysing success factors, obstacles and barriers to research and innovation uptake; and,
  • developing action scenarios for stakeholders in policy, research and business.

Panel Discussion 1: How do the challenges of Climate Change, Food and Nutrition Security, and Health affect each other, and what, in this context, is the role of R and D in providing sustainable and appropriate solutions?

Panel Discussion 2: How can Africa-EU research collaborations strengthen knowledge creation that feeds directly into the development and/or patenting of new technologies?

Review of Day 1
Rapporteur Summary of Day 1, M. Hughes (Rwanda)

Panel Discussion 3: What can be done to ensure that African and EU policy makers, private sector and civil society organisations are able to identify, fully understand and act upon relevant research projects?

STISA 2024 and Horizon 2020: A Chance and a Challenge

Background Reading

  • Declaration of the Fourth EU-Africa Summit, 2-3 April 2014
  • Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES) Roadmap 2014-2017
  • Preliminary Roadmap on FNSSA, prepared by EWG, appointed by Africa-EU HLPD Bureau (Input to roadmap for a jointly funded EU-Africa Research & Innovation Partnership with an initial focus on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture including water. Prepared by a Expert Working Group appointed by the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue Bureau in March 2014: Helena Gómez Macpherson, Philippe Petithuguenin, Joachim von Braun, Luís Goulão and Jeff Waage from Europe and Johnson A Ekpere, Paco Sereme, Daniel Nkoola Kisauzi, Ibrahim RM Benesi and Mohammed Jeenah from Africa.) Please note: The official consultation of the roadmap has not started yet – this is only an advance copy. The consultation will be done on a revised version that will become available later.

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