Africa-EU Research Collaboration on Food Security

7 July 2015. Accra, Ghana. The new ‘Africa-EU Research Collaboration on Food Security’ report was launched at the High-Level Dialogue of African Ministers and Legislators on Mobilising Science, Technology and Innovation for Africa’s Sustainable Development Post 2015.

It showcases the key findings from an analysis of research cooperation between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.

“Research is necessary to understand where future investments and partnerships should focus their efforts for addressing this global challenge, and to determine the mechanisms for increasing the impact of future science and technology collaboration,” said the report’s lead author, Judith Francis, CTA senior programme coordinator for science and technology policy.

The analysis was conducted within the framework of the CAAST-Net Plus project, a network of 26

partner organisations from Europe and sub-Saharan Africa, including CTA. In fact, the Centre and CAAST-Net Plus share, among other aspects, the objective of informing the bi-regional policy dialogue on food and nutrition security.

“Bi-regional science, technology and innovation cooperation in food and nutrition security has contributed to capacity development and joint learning. Yet this is insufficient if the outputs of the collaboration have not contributed to improving the lives and livelihoods of farmers and other actors involved in the agricultural sector. For the future, Africa and the EU should develop joint research priorities and set up the mechanisms to better track the outputs, outcomes and impact“, Judith Francis added.


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