©FAO and AfricaRice 2011. African Seed Enterprises (Van Mele et al.)

AFRICAN SEED ENTERPRISES describes an exceptionally wide range of experiences in nine countries. Each of the cases is substantially unique and presents a particular history and set of lessons.

Each of the cases is substantially unique and presents a particular history and set of lessons. The descriptions are accompanied by country profiles that allow the reader to appreciate the agricultural and policy environment that determines the trajectory of these enterprises.

Their experience to date offers an exceptionally rich source of data and insights for understanding seed systems and appreciating the diversity of strategies and resources that have been used to create new seed enterprises.

Pdf versions of all chapters can be downloaded below:
Related: Interview with J. Rakotoarisoana African Seed Trade Association. He was interviewed during the 12th Meeting of the GlobalHort Board of Directors (Brussels, 5 March 2013)

AFSTA’s mission is To promote trade in quality seed and technologies in Africa for the benefit of members and farmer

  • The objectives are:
  • To promote the use of improved quality seed,
  • To strengthen communication with African seed industries and with the world,
  • To facilitate establishment of national seed trade associations in Africa,
  • To provide information to members,
  • To interact with regional governments and NGO’s involved in seed activities in order to promote the interests of the seed industry,
  • To promote activities that lead to regulatory harmonization throughout Africa to facilitate movement of seed, and
  • To develop a statistical database on African seed production and trade.
He answers following questions: 
Why is support to horticulture urgent? What are the research priorities? The type of needed research is not limited to agricultural scientists? How important is public private partnership? Many initiatives are taken in the seed sector?

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