Agri Analytics Days

Agri Analytics Days

23-25 April 2019. Morocco. Agri Analytics Days is a platform that aims at exploring Big Data to provide new efficient decisionmaking tools for helping agricultural sustainable development. New acquired, aggregated and shared data is a breeding ground for extracting and sharing useful information and knowledge among different actors involved in agriculture and technology domains to provide actionable on-farm decisions.

“Addresing Africa’s challenges is possible through
close collaboration between researchers and industrials”
@ElHabtiHicham1, General Secretary OCP group

Agri Analytics Day offered the framework conditions that would bring together all the communities interested by developing sustainable agriculture worldwide. Our aim is to explore Big Data Perspectives and Implementation Challenges in agricultural domains.

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Extract of the programme:

  • Dr. Steve Phillips – Agri Analytics on the farm 
  • Dr. Terry Griffin – Big Data Implications for Agriculturists 
  • Mr. Thiago Lobao De Almeida Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship & Open Platforms: why these pillars are shaping the 4th agricultural revolution 
  • Mr Jorge Bazo – Precision Farming tools for desert conditions: Irrigation and fertility management
  • Dr. Biradar Chandrashekhar (see picture) – Digital augmentation for sustainable agroecosystems – ICARDA
  • Dr. Karel Charvat (see picture) – Visualization of Big Data in Agriculture
  • Dr. Andre Laperriere – Big data: reshaping the future of agriculture 
  • Dr. Ernest Mwebaze – Crowdsourcing surveillance data from smallholder farmers 
  • Mr. Juan Pablo Bentín – Feedback on the use of technologies for the better management of a farm under desert conditions 

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