Agribusiness in sub-Saharan Africa – 2013

Agribusiness in sub-Saharan Africa – 2013

Published November 2013. A new report published by Agra Europe, Agribusiness in sub-Saharan Africa, written by analyst Brian Gardner, explores in depth the various scenarios and opportunities for the continent.

According to the report, there is an optimistic school of thought which sees Africa as being on the verge of an agricultural revolution, based on analysis of the food production potential of sub-Saharan Africa – its soils, its water supplies and its people.

A more pessimistic school, however, argues that lack of infrastructure, political obstacles, serious soil degradation and water shortages all militate against increased agricultural productivity and production
This report examines in depth the potential for an agri-food revolution in sub-Saharan Africa, analysing the trump cards which the region holds, as well as the obstacles – some very serious – which it needs to overcome. It pinpoints the countries most likely to prosper in agri-food markets in the future, and the sectors which are the most promising for investors.

 The report includes key data for the main African producer countries and detailed analysis of all of the political, economic and geographical factors which will influence the development of agribusiness in the region over the next 10 years.

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