Agricultural Machinery and sustainable agriculture and food security

Agricultural Machinery and sustainable agriculture and food security

19 May 2015. Under the auspices of EXPO Milan 2015 “Feeding the planet, Energy for life”, CEMA (CEMA – European Agricultural Machinery) and the European Commission’s Directorate General Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (DG GROW) organised a 1-day conference on: “The role and contribution of Europe’s Agricultural Machinery Industry in promoting sustainable agriculture and food security

Bringing together EU decision-makers, business leaders, industry experts and stakeholder groups, the event was an occasion to explore the role of advanced machine technology in helping farmers to make agriculture more productive and sustainable and ensure sufficient food production for an expected world population of 9.6 billion people by 2050 and discussed key issues such as:

  • How can smart machines and precision farming make agriculture more productive and sustainable?
  • How can the EU support the innovative power and competitiveness of Europe’s agricultural machinery industry?
  • How can mechanization efforts advance food security and rural development in Africa?

Read the whole agenda and find more information here.

Featured speakers included: 

  • Richard Markwell – CEMA President: Europe’s agricultural machinery industry – a global leader in production and innovation
  • Luis Filipe Girao – European Commission: The EU’s industrial policy as a promoter of growth, jobs, and competitiveness  
  • Prof. Simon Blackmore – Harper Adams University: The potential of smart machines and precision farming technologies in making agriculture more productive and sustainable
  • Philippe Jean – European Commission
  • Gian-Gherardo Calini – European GNSS Agency: Supporting smart machinery and better farm management – GNSS and complementary technology
  • Christoph Wigger – John Deere: How can the EU best promote research, innovation, production, and uptake of advanced agricultural machine technology? The industry’s point of view
  • Joseph Kienzle – FAO: Mechanization for rural development – patterns and progress in Africa
  • Gianpietro de Cao – European Commission: The role of private sector engagement and Public Private Partnerships in EU Development Policy
  • Franz Georg Von Busse – German Agribusiness Alliance: Advancing sustainable agricultural mechanization in Africa – industry efforts and inititatives
  • Dr Thomas Breuer – GIZ: Public Private Partnerships as the way forward in mechanization in Africa?

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