Announcement: Agribusiness Education Fair

Announcement: Agribusiness Education Fair

10-12 October, 2013. Nairobi, Kenya. Agribusiness Fair entitled “Agribusiness Education Fair: Making Tertiary Agricultural Education and Research more Relevant to Business Development in Africa” to be organized by ANAFE with key partners including, FARA, PanAAC, CTA, AABS and ICRAF, at ICRAF headquarters.

The African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education (ANAFE) as the key partner for the implementation of the FARA led programme called UniBRAIN (Linking Universities with Business and Research in Agricultural Innovations (UniBRAIN), has been undertaking intensive work for the last 3 years on improving training and practice of agribusiness in Africa at tertiary agricultural education level.

The ANAFE work on Agribusiness education has been further enhanced with a substantial financial support received from the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) for the ANAFE programme dubbed SASACID (Strengthening Africa’s Strategic Agricultural capacity for Impact on Development). Key milestones in this regard are development of agribusiness curriculum frameworks for certificate, BSC, MSc and PhD degree levels; undertaking of tracer studies for agribusiness graduates and development of a strategy for engaging higher education with the Private Sector.


The above actions have ushered a new era of focused interaction between Tertiary Agricultural Education institutions and the Private Sector. The overarching objective of the Agribusiness Education Fair is to:

  • To establish a platform for commercializing prototype technologies developed by universities, research institutions and Private Sector groups;
  • To Improve Agribusiness teaching and research through stronger linkages between Training/Research institutions and the Private Sector’.

Profile of Applicants

Applicants need to be from education (all levels), research, development, policy, industry or other private sector organizations/institutions dealing with agribusiness at any stage of the agricultural (in a broad sense to cover natural resources) value chain. See folder.

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