Announcement: Agtube will be launched before the end of 2013

Announcement: Agtube will be launched before the end of 2013

20 November 2013. Agtube will be launched before the end of 2013. This portal is where you can upload videos about agriculture for sharing with the agricultural community.  Keep checking the news section of Access Agriculture for the latest.

Access Agriculture also aims to support new productions and more local language translations. For those without internet access and to ensure the DVDs end up in the villages where farmers can organise themselves to watch the videos whenever they like, major distribution of the hard-copy DVDs is planned through a wide variety of outlets: rural radio networks, research and extension agencies, farmers’ organisations, development organisations and Chambers of Agriculture.

Here are the links to two new videos made the Malian partners:
Row planting of sesame
Enriched porridge

And the French versions:
Semis en ligne du sésame
Bouillie enrichie


Agro Insight blog: Agro-Insight is co-founder of the international NGO Access Agriculture, which facilitates the production, translation, distribution and use of quality, local language, farmer training videos in developing countries. It publishes regular backgrounds to the produced videos.

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Showcasing its video-sharing platform at the ICT4Ag conference in Kigali earlier this month, Access Agriculture attracted a lot of interest. Delegates expressed their confidence in the organisation to support sustainable agriculture through its unique communication model, namely by putting quality training videos into the hands of the thousands of advisory service providers and millions of farmers across developing countries.

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