ARCH: European Agricultural Research towards greater impact on global CHallenges

ARCH: European Agricultural Research towards greater impact on global CHallenges

19 – 20 January 2015. Brussels. European Commission, DG Research. Joint EIARD-SCAR Strategic Working Group.

The development of sustainable agriculture and food systems encompasses a change of consumption habits and production models, pursuing the principles of inclusive green economy. Considering current use of wording, Agricultural Research (AR) focusses on the needs within Europe whereas Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) is dedicated to collaboration with and in developing countries. Moving from the Millennium Development Goals towards Sustainable Development Goals, AR and ARD are increasingly interlinked due to the global scale of the challenges including issues such as climate change, food and nutrition security, and access to natural resources.

Studies on the synergy of AR and ARD have revealed that international cooperation at the level of global challenges will reduce fragmentation and promote efficiency of research investments. The Joint EIARD SCAR Strategic Working Group ARCH (Agricultural Research for global CHallenges) has updated the main type of AR and ARD policy principles and linkages between the two.

  • To provide inspiration and guidance for subsequent steps, the ARCH members and the SCAR Working Group worked in a joint session on the common objective: How to create sustainable policy alliances on research for global challenges? The presentations and discussions provided the basis for drafting a joint communication to the European Commission and to national ministries on a road map which will lead to stronger linkages between AR and ARD.
  • BLE in Germany have created a Portal of Portals as a gathering of sites related to “The European contribution to Agricultural Research for Development”. It includes a trial sub-site for ARCH.
  • An update on the work by the Expert Group supporting the HLPD process was given by Philippe Petithuguenin (CIRAD) and Nienke Buisman (European Commission, DG Research and Innovation Policy-officer STI cooperation with Africa). The work of the Expert group is somewhat delayed and the Road Map, and is now expected by February. 
  • A presentation about Learning alliances on innovation and research was give by Krijn Poppe, Co-chair Strategic Working Group AKIS (Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems) of the EU SCAR (Standing Committee on Agricultural Research) Economist and Research Manager at LEI Wageningen UR.

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