ASARECA announced Calls for Concept Notes

The Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) has the following announcements for Calls for Concept Notes 

  1. CALL Ref: ASARECA-RC09-NRM&B-2012: Title: Linking Integrated Soil Fertility Management gains to agricultural product markets 
  2. CALL REF: ASARECA_RC12_STAPLES-05: Title: Upscaling of new highland maize varieties in Ethiopia 
  3. CALL REF: ASARECA_RC12_LFP-02: Title: Validating Management Practices to control Napier stunt and smut diseases for increased feed availability in small holder systems of Eastern and Central Africa (ECA). (Call For Concepts) 
  4. CALL REF: ASARECA_RC12_LFP-04:Title: Validating the method using rumen liquor from slaughtered cattle as a source of inoculum for in-vitro gas production for forage evaluation 
  5. CALL REF: ASARECA_RC12_LFP-03:Title: Up-scaling environmentally friendly acaricide management for preventing and controlling Tick and Tick –Borne diseases in Eastern and Central Africa 
  6. CALL REF: ASARECA-RC010-NRM-2012: Title: Enhancing adaptive capacity of smallholders through the application of response farming innovations 
  7. CALL REF: ASARECA- RC02-AGROBIO-2012: Title: Validation of Tsol 18 vaccine for control of Taenia Solium cysticercosis in ECA countries 
  8. CALL REF: ASARECA- RC01-AGROBIO-2012: Title: Validation of Taenia Solium cysticercosis pen-side diagnostic kit developed by ASARECA and partner NARS in the ECA 
  9. CALL REF: ASARECA-RC12-PAAP-01: Title: Enhancing adoption of harmonised standards to drive commercialisation of root and tuber crops in eastern and central Africa 
  10. CALL REF: ASARECA-RC12-PAAP-02 : Title: Enhanced adoption of effective policies for increased regional trade in seeds in the ASARECA sub-region 
  11. CALL REF. ASARECA_RC12_STAPLES-01:Title: Upscaling Banana Bacterial Wilt Management Technologies/innovations in Eastern and Central Africa 
  12. CALL REF: ASARECA_RC12_STAPLES-02 : Title: Accelerating the Scaling Up of Innovations/ Technologies for of Quality Potato Seed Production in ECA

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