BIOPROTECT : Organic from father to son / Bio de père en fils

Bio de père en fils
Durée : 4min 59sec | Chaîne : Burkina Faso

Chez les Savadogo, l’engagement pour l’agriculture biologique se transmet de père en fils. Claude Arsène Savadogo, 31 ans, titulaire de deux masters, l’un en économie rurale et stratégie des entreprises agroalimentaires et l’autre en ingénierie économique et financière des projets et des politiques publiques, aurait pu facilement trouver un emploi dans le secteur public ou privé. Au lieu de ça, il y a préféré emprunter le chemin difficile de l’entrepreneuriat.

En 2011, il crée BIOPROTECT, une entreprise de production et de commercialisation d’intrants et de pesticides biologiques basée au Burkina Faso. Cela à la suite de son père, président du Conseil National de l’Agriculture Biologique (CNABIO), qui depuis plus de 20 ans œuvre à la promotion de l’agroécologie.

Arsène emploie neuf salariés, en majorité des jeunes âgés de la vingtaine. Pour convaincre les producteurs d’utiliser ses intrants, Arsène et son équipe réalisent des champs de démonstration. Un choix qui paie.

Aujourd’hui, le jeune entrepreneur ambitionne faire de son entreprise le leader dans la production et la commercialisation d’intrants biologiques.

Organic from father to son

By : Agribusiness TV | Duration : 4min 59sec | Channel : Burkina Faso

In the Savadogo family, the engagement for organic agriculture is transmitted from father to son. Claude Arsène Savadogo, 31 years, holds two Masters degrees. One in rural economy and agro-enterprises, and another one in economics, project finance and public policies. With these, he could have easily found a job in the public or private sector. But instead, he preferred to take the risky road of entrepreneurship.

In 2011, he created BIOPROTECT, a company involved in the production and marketing of organic fertilizers and pesticides in Burkina Faso. And this has been a result of following the footsteps of his father, the President of the National Council of Organic Agriculture (CNABIO), who has worked on the promotion of agro-ecological practices for over 20 years.

Arsène employs nine staffs, most of them in their twenties. In order to convince producers to use his fertilizers, Arsène and his team conduct field demonstrations. A choice that pays off.

Today, the young entrepreneur ambitions to make his enterprise a leader in the production and marketing of organic inputs.

5th May 2016. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Agribusiness TV, the first Youth in Agribusiness Web TV in Africa, launched its mobile apps and web platforms.

Despite the fact that the sector can provide many opportunities to young people with all backgrounds along the value-chain, youngsters still prefer white-collar jobs.

What Agribusiness TV aims to do is to change this perception and mindset towards agriculture and agricultural jobs. How? By showcasing the stories and paths of those youth who have succeeded in agricultural entrepreneurship through videos.

The Minister of Communication of Burkina Faso 
officially launching the web TV

Agribusiness TV is a project that is combining media, ICT and agriculture. What makes it a unique initiative in Africa is that it is the first media focusing specifically on youth in agribusiness, and also one which is available as a mobile application, in addition to its web version. Released recently, the mobile app of Agribusiness TV is available on App Store and Google Play.

Agribusiness TV is an initiative of MEDIAPROD, supported by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA).

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