BOOK: Food Systems in Africa : Rethinking the Role of Markets

Balineau, Gaelle; Bauer, Arthur; Kessler, Martin; Madariaga, Nicole. 2021. Food Systems in Africa : Rethinking the Role of Markets. Africa Development Forum;. Washington, DC: World Bank and Agence francaise de developpement. © World Bank. 167 pp.

Food for cities in Africa is changing under the triple effect of growth demography, urbanization and transformations in agricultural production and trade. These changes create risks: African cities increasingly face the challenges of undernutrition and malnutrition. 
But they also generate new opportunities: the food economy is the continent’s main source of employment and will remain so in the near future, both to ensure agricultural production, agro-food processing and product distribution. At the center of this economy are the intermediaries market, which link producers and consumers, and whose ineffectiveness explains that about a third of the production evaporates in food losses.


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