Bridging Africa and Europe through the scientific diaspora

Bridging Africa and Europe through the scientific diaspora

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Impact of Climate Change and Globalisation on Safety of Fresh Produce

Governing a Supply Chain of Uncompromised Food Sovereignty

Interview with Dr. Kofitsyo Cudjoe, Head of section, Food bacteriology and GMO, National Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway, during the Diaspora Expert Meeting in Uppsala on 28/09/2012

Dr. Kofitsyo Cudjoe explaines the importance to involve the African ARD diaspora:

Dr. Kofitsyo Cudjoe explaines explains how he got involved in the: Veg-i-Trade FP7 consortium which is funded by the seventh Framework programme for research of the European Commission.

The project seeks to assess the impact of anticipated climate change and globalisation on the safety issues concerning fresh produce and derived food products. Research will be performed concerning the economic structure of the fresh produce chain, and control measures to minimise microbiological and chemical risks will be developed.

Veg-i-Trade unifies 23 international partners from universities, research institutes, SMEs and large industrial partners. Recommendations concerning good practices and quality assurance in the fresh produce supply chain will be developed and exchanged via international collaborations and capacity building. In parallel, Veg-i-Trade will organise discussion fora concerning particular aspects of food sovereignty related to the safety of fresh produce.

Dr. Kofitsyo Cudjoe explains how he got involved in the FP7 Veg-i-Trade – project and the ethical issues of the export of fruit from countries where they don’t have enough to eat
He answers a number of questions: 
  • How do you relate to your Ghanaian colleagues out of Norway?
  • Do you feel a member of the Diaspora or a Norwegian researcher?
  • Which role you feel you can play for bridging the two continents?

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