CTA Briefing on Farmer-driven research

CTA Briefing on Farmer-driven research

15 November 2013. CTA Briefing on Farmer-driven research. More than 100 participants discussed successes and shared lessons from the farmer-led agricultural research, by emphasizing its impact on the livelihood of the people and its key role to improve food and nutrition security.

The event consisted of two different parts.

  1. The first provided an overview of the key concepts, challenges and opportunities for agricultural research and development (ARD) to respond to smallholders’ needs and own initiatives. It discussed what is needed to support participatory processes and enhance the capacities of farmers to innovate and develop appropriate systems of resource management to achieve food security, sustain their livelihoods and safeguard the environment using indigenous knowledge and creativity. It showed the positive trends and the needed drivers for sustained growth and inclusiveness. 
  2. The second panel presented concrete examples of farmer-driven ARD successes from the field, highlighting the lessons learned and good practices of partnership between smallholders and other actors in ARD.
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