Data4Diets:Diet related Food Security Analysis Platform

31 January 2020. The Data4Diets platform is designed to aid program implementers, policy makers, and researchers with identifying which diet-related food security indicators are best suited for their objectives, understand how the indicators should be constructed and used, and know which data sources and methods are preferred for producing these indicators and information.

An Ag2Nut webinar co-hosted with ANH Academy provided an overview of the organizational framework of the Data4Diets platform and a tour of the main contents, which includes:

  • Detailed information on over 40 diet-related food security indicators designed to help program implementers, policy makers, and researchers.
  • Descriptions of 11 common data sources and methods to determine preferred resources for producing these indicators.
  • Real world case studies showing how indicators have been used for diet-related food security policy and programming.
  • Dynamic online repository of guidelines, articles, and studies relevant for indicator construction and use.

Speaker: Jennifer Coates, Tufts University and Winnie Bell, INDDEX Project.

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