Desert land conference

Desert land conference

16-17 June 2015. Ghent, Belgium. Second Desert land conference. This conference brought together research institutions, NGO’s and corporations that help cope with the problems of Desertification and Land Degradation. 

Desert Land II offered a unique opportunity to find out how projects of the past have made a difference and how the future problems should be tackled:(a) Combating Desertification (processes, prevention and combating land degradation in drylands). With a special session on European policy concerning land degradation; (b) Water security: soilh ydrology and processes and control of land degradation. Degradation (in cooperation with UNESCO IHP Belgian Committee)
Extract of the program related to Africa:
  • Effects of steep mountain rehabilitation on peak discharge variability – the case of western Rift Valley escarpment of Northern Ethiopia, Asfaha Tesfaalem Ghebreyohannes (Ethiopia)
  • Effect of conservation agriculture on maize yield under rain fed agriculture in semi-arid region of Kenya Nyambura Geofrey (Kenya)
  • Application of different approaches for detection and delineation of leakage path from Micro-Dam Reservoir (MDR) in Northern Ethiopia, Gebremedhin Berhane Reda (Ethiopia)
  • Decomposition of cattle dung and pattern of nutrient release in sandy soil under semi-arid condition – a case study in northeastern Burkina Faso, Tanaka Ueru (Japan)
  • Soil properties after change From ridge tillage to conservation agriculture: impact on soil properties of sandy clay loams of mid-altitude Central Malawi, Wim Cornelis (Belgium)
  • Optimizing rainwater partitioning and pearl millet production on degraded land in Niger using Water and Soil Conservation practices,  Wim Cornelis (Belgium)

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