Dialogue on Reimagining Agricultural Research

Dialogue on Reimagining Agricultural Research

29-31 January 2013. Penang. Malaysia. The 2013 Dialogue on Reimagining Agricultural Research in Development brings together leaders in agricultural research and development policy and practice to address these questions. By doing so at the start of the new CRPs working on agricultural systems the Dialogue is designed to guide their implementation so as to increase both the intensity and scale of their impact on the poor.


  • Provide the CRPs with an opportunity to learn from, and build upon, previous experience with integrated approaches to agricultural research and development
  • Identify how these research programs can foster innovation to improve on these approaches, improve livelihoods in the communities where they work, and achieve significant impacts at the scale of agricultural landscapes


  • Guidance on innovative approaches to be taken forward through the CRPs
  • A community of practice will work together to address these issues as the CRPs proceed
  • A refereed publication bringing together learning from the Dialogue

The following resources have been shared by dialogue participants and offered as a beginning of the conversation to re-imagine agricultural research in development. Here is an overview of the most relevant documents related to IAR4D:

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