Enhancing innovation in agribusiness to increase productivity and improve food security

Enhancing innovation in agribusiness to increase productivity and improve food security

14th-15th August 2015. KENYA. Kabarak University, Nakuru County-Kenya. East Africa Growers Council agribusiness expo. Theme: “Enhancing innovation in agribusiness to increase productivity and improve food security“

This year’s focus was on innovations that respond to climate change challenges, that seek to answer issues on the nutrition of people and help in value addition and post harvest reduction . The agribusiness expo brought together more than 15,000 farmers, sponsors and exhibitors.

The expo provided a platform for EAGC members and other players in the agribusiness sector to make business contacts and explore business opportunities for their products and services. It also provided a platform for showcasing new technology and innovations to a variety of stakeholders for increased adoption.

The targeted participants of the Agribusiness Expo were stakeholders in the agribusiness and wider agricultural sector, including farmers, both large and small-scale; traders; processors; service providers, such as banks, warehouses operators, inspectors, certification companies and input suppliers; government agencies; research institutions and international organizations operating in the Eastern Africa region. The Expo attracted over 100 exhibitors, including seed companies who will put up demonstration plots of seed varieties. 

The East Africa Grain Council (EAGC) has said Kenyan Government loses approximately Sh3billion annually due to aflatoxin, lack of advanced harvesting technology, pests and diseases. EAGC Chief Executive Director Gerald Masila said the losses can be controlled by adopting advanced post-harvest technologies and fumigation. Masila said post-harvest activities are an integral part of food production system that promotes best practices for handling and management cereals along the entire food supply chain. He observed that there is a huge gap between technology development in research organizations and the ability to adopt new developments.

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