ERAfrica Joint Call

ERAfrica Joint Call

Call publication date: 15 January 2013
Deadline for the submission of proposals: 15 April 2013


1. The ERA.Net ERAfrica
The ERA-Net scheme is a component of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme providing funding to improve the cooperation and coordination of national research activities and thus strengthen the European Research Area (ERA) with other regions of the world.

Building on mutual interest of Programme Owners in African countries, EU Member States (EU MS) and countries associated to the EU RTD Framework Programme (AC) to implement coordinated joint activities towards a multilateral funding scheme a “Group of Funding Parties” has been established.

This Group of Funding Parties is supported in this process by the consortium of the ERAfrica Project, which is funded by the European Commission as a Coordination and Support Activity under the 7th EU RTD Framework Programme.

2. Objectives of the Joint Call
The goal of the Joint Call is to create long-term research collaboration between EU Member States and/or Associated Countries and Africa. Research collaboration of a high standard between teams from EU Member States and/or Associated Countires and Africa will be supported through open competition.

ERAfrica is going to publish a Joint Call for proposals in the three thematic areas:

  1. Renewable Energies
  2. Interfacing Challenges (e.g. health, food + energy security, telecommunication gap, societal challenges…)
  3. New Ideas (thematically open, with focus on the novelty of the idea/approach).

The tentative period for the evaluation of proposals is May‐August 2013.

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