EU Food Facility Final Evaluation Report

EU Food Facility Final Evaluation Report

The EU Food Facility programme came to an end in 2011. The action was implemented in 49 countries through 179 contracts and agreements covering 232 projects executed through International Organisations, Regional Organisations, International and National NGOs and beneficiary Governments. All funds allocated to the Food facility have been committed. 

The monitoring and evaluation system adopted to follow the implementation was particularly careful and comprehensive: 176 projects have been monitored using the Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM); all project progress and completion reports have been assessed by the Commission staff at Headquarters and EU Delegations; independent evaluations have been undertaken at project level, at implementing partner level and at global level. 
The present report is the evaluation of the Food Facility instrument, carried out in 2011 and 2012 following the Evaluation Methodology of the Commission. It concludes that the Commission has been efficient and effective in implementing the Food Facility, the interventions were relevant and projects had a clearly positive effect on beneficiaries. However a longer implementation period and a narrowed geographical scope would have allowed a greater impact.

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