EU has launched Biodiversity for Life (B4Life)

EU has launched Biodiversity for Life (B4Life)

22 May 2014: The EU has launched Biodiversity for Life (B4Life), a EuropeAid’s flagship initiative meant to forge cross-sector partnerships to tackle biodiversity-related issues.

What sort of activities might be eligible for B4Life funding?

B4Life will include projects with biodiversity as their main objective. This will include, for example:

  • projects to support the sustainable management of protected areas, 
  • projects to develop trade in biodiversity-related products for sustainable livelihoods, 
  • projects to reduce deforestation and degradation of mangroves for the protection of coasts and nursery habitats for fish, and 
  • projects to increase monitoring and information sharing to fight wildlife crime.

B4Life will focus on those developing countries most in need and with the greatest potential, by paying particular attention to Least Developed Countries and countries containing “biodiversity hotspots”, the places where ecosystems and their services are the richest but also the most threatened, like the Congo Basin, Madagascar, the West African forests, Tropical Andes, Mesoamerica, Indian Western Ghats, Kalimantan

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