Farmers taking the lead: 30 years of Farmer Field Schools

27 September 2019. The FFS has been one of the most successful approach developed and promoted by FAO over the last 30 years, empowering farmers to become better decision makers in their own farming systems. Initiated by FAO in 1989, and followed by many other organizations and institutions, the FFS programmes represent one of the most important “result of the collective action of millions of small-scale farmers”.

FFS programmes work with local groups of farmers and pastoralists to help improve knowledge and technical skills through a process of critical thinking. Participants enhance their understanding of agro-ecosystems, which leads to production systems that are more resilient in local conditions and optimize the use of available resources. FFS aim to improve farmers’ livelihoods and recognize their role as innovators and guardians of natural environments. FFS offer farmers, pastoralists, fisherfolks, foresters and their communities a place where they can discuss and make practical experiments.

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