Field visit: Towards an efficient soybean food chain in Benin (ProSeSS)

Field visit: Towards an efficient soybean food chain in Benin (ProSeSS)

19- 24 February 2017. Benin. The Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group of Wageningen University and Research (WUR) – represented by Dr. Anita Linnemann and Dr. Nout Rob – visited the the soy project funded by the Competitive Research Fund of PAEPARD in Benin: Re-engineered Soybean “Afitin” and Soybean Milk processing technologies in South and Central Benin (ProSAM).

The project addresses the low productivity of soybean processing units in South and Central
Benin and the low quality of the soybean milk and soybean “Afitin”, two soybean derived
product which have great opportunity for development since their demand on the market is

The domain of research and education of the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group’s  program is food, agribusiness, and institutions interested in food and agriculture. It contributes to the knowledge in the field of marketing and consumer behaviour.

With the project team in Benin the discussions revolved around the following points: (See minutes of the meeting in English and in French)

  • the way beneficiaries will access to the research results: to this end, Mr Rob offered the website to access a wide range of information on soybean;
  • the organization of a workshop in September 2017: It is envisaged to organize a workshop to close the project with the participaton of the European partners.
  • the selection of a Master student to conduct soybean afitin shelf life study during the period of June 2017.
Aim of the project: Soy farmers hardly have access to quality seeds and consequently are not capable to deliver to traders and processors distinguished and well identified varieties of soybean for specific uses. Therefore, within three years, practitioners and researchers intend to develop a strategic plan for certified soy need production and an on-farm and on-market identification guideline for soybean varieties.

Objective: It is expected that nine viable soy seed production enterprises will be installed.

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