First Inter-Regional Smart Agriculture Forum

First Inter-Regional Smart Agriculture Forum

24-26 September 2018. Khartoum Sudan. 1 Inter-Regional Smart Agriculture Forum (ISAF)

Within the scope of the initiative of HE/Omar Al-Bashir – President of Sudan to the Arab leaders about the “Arab Food Security” and being part of the global efforts towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs-2030), AICTO and the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) launched the initiative: “Smart Agriculture Forum” (ISAF) to be a platform gathering all potential stakeholders within the Arab and African regions and the rest of the world for an open and constructive debate.

The 1st Inter-Regional Smart Agriculture Forum initiated an Inter-Regional dialogue about the IoT and new technology trends by gathering high level personalities from the Arab, African regions and Internationally to :

  • Emphasizing the role of the ICT, mostly IoT technologies in agricultural development within the Arab and African regions
  • Appraising the “Smart Agriculture” role in bridging the digital divide within the two regions
  • Empowering Arab and African farmers and workers through ICT use, to improve their practices
  • Promoting joint “Arab action” towards building a common strategy to achieve “regional food security” including ICT as a key factor for sustainable agricultural development.
  • Sharing knowledge and ideas about this IoT technology: specifically opportunities, challenges and threats…
  • Increasing the awareness of Arab and African governments about the need of developing a strong capacity building plans.
  • Contributing to the process of formulating appropriate policies and frameworks at the Arab and African levels to organize and facilitate the ownership of these technologies
  • Boosting the inter-regional and international cooperation in the field of Smart farming in an endeavor to coordinate efforts and come up with sustainable solutions for the future of the agricultural sector.
Extract of the programme

  • Climate-Smart Agriculture in the Near East North Africa Region – Dr. Babagana Ahmadu, FAO Representative 
  • Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by Arab researchers and Extensionists in dissemination of Agricultural technologies – Mohamed Abdullah, Head of Agricultural Extension Department , ACSAD 
  • The value of Unmanned Aerial Systems for a Data Powered Agriculture – Dr. Ali Elbattay, Senior Scientist – Remote Sensing and Drones Technology, ICBA 
  • Precision Farming – Ms. Wang Li, director of International Cooperation Center, China Satellite Navigation 
  • Efforts of AAAID in Smart Agriculture (Challenges and Opportunities) – Dr. Halim Ben Haj Salah, Senior Agricultural Expert, AAAID
  • ACSAD experiences in the modern technological applications for sustainable agriculture and natural resources management in the Arab region – Dr. Ahmed Khirishi, Expert of Forest and Rangeland Management, ACSAD 
  • Connected Fields for Africa – Mitigate farmers risk – Ahmad A Rashwan, Executive Manager SAW For Trade/ Egypt Representative Of Pessl Instruments (Austria) In Egypt 
  • ITU-T-SG5 Environment, Climate Change & Circular Economy – Eiman Farouk, Head of Environmental Effects Division, TRPA 1
  • Integretad Management of olive Trees – Dr. Ahmed Awny Ahmed Farag, Director of Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate Agriculture Research Center, Egypt

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