Food Safety, Security and Defense: Focus on Technologies and Innovations

Food Safety, Security and Defense: Focus on Technologies and Innovations

Food Safety, Security and Defense: Focus on Technologies and Innovations

Conference convened by the Institute on Science for Global Policy (ISGP) in Verona, Italy April 14–17, 2013

97 pages

ISGP conferences are designed to provide new and unusual (perhaps unique) environments that facilitate and encourage candid debate of the credible S&T options vital to successfully address many of the most significant challenges facing 21st century societies. 
Conference conclusions:
  • While the security of the food supply in many regions is expected to significantly decrease because of environmental changes, rising human populations, ineffective governance, ill-considered patterns of food consumption, and inefficient supply and distribution infrastructures, the impact of each of these factors can be effectively mitigated by altering technological, behavioral, economic, and sociocultural policies.
  • Providing food security for a rapidly growing human population requires the innovative development and application of credible scientific understanding and practical technologies. All such efforts, especially those focused on genetic improvements involving traditional breeding and biotechnology/transgenic methods as well as technical advancements in nanotechnology, packaging, and preservation technologies, must be tailored to different cultural, political, and economic conditions and perspectives.
  • Political stability and good governance, including credible, evidence-based regulatory structures (e.g., science-based food safety standards) are essential for sustainable food security.
  • Effective engagement between public/private institutions and consumers concerning food safety is required to improve consumer understanding of risks and benefits, to assist consumers in making informed decisions, and to build trust throughout the society.
  • Effective efforts to address issues in food safety, security, and defense require integrated contributions from multiple governmental and private sector entities and from diverse academic disciplines to facilitate acceptance of technology policies.

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