Food Science-policy interfaces and the international expertise of IPCC-IPBES-HLPE/CFS-One Health

Montpellier Global Days for Science, Education and Innovation : Africa 2021

6 October 2021. Feed-Care-Protect: global issues and international expertise IPCC-IPBES-HLPE/CFS-One Health HELP 
Science-policy interfaces are important because they provide scientific assessment and advice to policymakers, and usually comprise a broad diversity of international scientists with complementary expertise. A key function of SPIs is to assess the state of the scientific literature and translate that knowledge into a format that helps to inform the decision making process.2 This function is of critical importance for food systems – a policy area characterized by complexity, dynamic change, uncertainty, and contested interpretations. 

Policy-relevant scientific assessment of food systems thus requires insights from multiple disciplines and perspectives. Several SPIs relevant to food systems already exist and were discussed during a panel at the Montpellier Global Days for Science, Education and Innovation.
  • Facilitated by:  Sébastien Treyer, IDDRI 
  • Youba Sokona, IPCC 
  • Sebsebe Demissew, IPBES 
  • Bancy Mbura Mati, HLPE/CFS 
  • Wanda Markotter, One Health HLEP 
  • Closing remarks by Philippe Mauguin, INRAE 
    @PhMauguin PDG INRAE “Nous voudrions proposer une alliance internationale de recherche sur la transition des systèmes alimentaires… avec de grandes institutions de recherche, universités, CGIAR, IDDRI,IIASA… transdisciplinaire comme pour @PREZODE_Intl


IPES (2021) AN ‘IPCC FOR FOOD’? How the UN Food Systems Summit is being used to advance a problematic new science-policy agenda 19 p.

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