Food Tank’s second annual summit

Food Tank’s second annual summit

20-21 April 2016. Washington DC. This year’s Food Tank Summit brought together more than 70+ expert speakers who are among the top leaders across all sectors of the food industry, including business, government, and elected officials; nonprofit groups; farmers’ organizations; unions; funders; chefs; and more. 

Researchers, farmers, chefs, policy makers, government officials, and students came together for interactive panels on topics that included:
  • Uncommon Collaborations, 
  • Improving Nutrient Density, 
  • Protein for the Planet, 
  • Investing in the Food Movement, 
  • Legislating Change in Agriculture, 
  • Chefs Leading the Food Movement, 
  • Innovating and Adapting to a Changing Food System, 
  • Food Security and Conflict, among other topics. 

The entire two-day event was live streamed on
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