Furthering livestock value chain research

Furthering livestock value chain research

5-6 November 2013. Accra, Ghana. Furthering livestock value chain researchBridging the Research Gap between Household Analysis and Policy Modeling.

ILRI  has compiled a large body of work at the household and market level. ILRI is currently working with research and development partners to apply this knowledge in a wider array of analytical constructs for policy analysis. This is an integral part of our work in the CG-wide Research Programme “Policies, Institutions and Markets” led by IFPRI.

The conference aimed to:

  • establish strong and functional linkages between livestock value chain and impact analysis on the one hand and sectoral, general equilibrium, and other economic modelling on the other.
  • identify and advocate pro-poor livestock policy as it emerges from existing analysis

Participants from research or development agencies with an interest in the empirical specification of agricultural policy attended.

Speakers and presentations included:

  • “Livestock in development: challenges in policy advocacy and the role of economic analysis” – D. Baker
  • “The application of microeconomic and value chain analyses in ex ante multi-market modelling and implications for policy analysis and advocacy: a synthesis of views” – D. Enahoro
  • “How pastoralists perceive and respond to market opportunities: The case of the Horn of Africa” – P. Little
  • “Measurement of competitiveness in smallholder livestock systems and emerging policy advocacy: an application to Botswana” – P. Malope, S. Bahta
  • “Economic analysis of non-livestock production in agro-pastoral areas: The peanut value chain in the Ferlo (Senegalese Sahel)” – A. Wane, I. Toure, A. D. Mballo, C. I. Nokho, A. Konaté
  • “Understanding gender relations in livestock value chains” – M. Mboo-Tchouawou
  • “Analysis of animal health interventions for policy analysis and advocacy” – M. Fadiga, H. Katjiuongua
  • “Application of an agricultural sector model to the assessment of advances in animal health and livestock feed technologies” – D. Enahoro
  • “Incorporating micro-level data in multi-market CGE: the case of livestock in Africa” – C. Kuhlgatz
  • “From global economic modelling to household level analyses of food security and sustainability: How big is the gap” – M. van Wijk
  • “Effects of climate change on feed availability and the implications for the livestock sector” – P. Havlik
  • “Integrating livestock into agricultural multi-market models: The example of IMPACT” – S. Msangi, D. Enahoro, M. Herrero

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