Future of European agricultural research and innovation

Future of European agricultural research and innovation

19 June 2015. Milan, Italy. The European Commission organised a workshop to launch the discussion on how it sees the future of European agricultural research and innovation until 2020 and, beyond, for the following decade.

The objective of this workshop was two-fold:

  • kick-start the discussion on a long-term strategy for the future of EU agriculture research and innovation, which is highly needed to address the challenges of tomorrow in a consistent and efficient way.
  • contribute to the discussion on the outcomes of EXPO Milan 2015 ‘Feeding the planet – energy for life’ by providing views on agricultural research and innovation priorities.

View the final programme and the list of speakers.

Opening session

Session 1: A research agenda to produce more sustainably

Session 2: A research agenda for innovative rural areas

  • “New openings for rural growth” [2 MB] Richard Wakeford, Professor of Environment, Land Use and Rural Strategy, Birmingham City University; Director of Kazan Centre for Land Use and Sustainable Rural Development, former chair of the OECD working Party on Rural development
  • “Developing the human and social capital” [255 KB] Krijn Poppe, Senior Economist & Research Manager at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute LEI WUR; Chair of the SCAR working group on AKIS Discussion with the audience
Round table discussion: 

How to build a long-term strategy for EU agricultural research and innovation by 2020 and beyond? 
  • Claudia Sorlini, Chair of the department of food, environmental and nutritional science at University of studies of Milan, Member of the Steering Committee of the EU scientific programme for Expo Milano 2015 
  • Hans Herren, President and CEO at Millenium Institute – Former co-chair of the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) 
  • Albert Jan Maat, President of Committee of Professional Agricultural Organisations (COPA) – Former Member of the European Parliament 
  • Anička Grosmanová, Leader of the international Slow Food Youth Network in Prague, Head of the Food Hub, Master Student at the Prague University of Life sciences 
  • Hervé Guyomard, Scientific Director for agriculture at the French national Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA) 
  • Janny Vos, Director for Strategic Partnerships at CABI, manager of CABI office for Netherlands

Closing remarks: what are the next steps? – Aldo Longo, Director at European Commission, Directorate General for Agriculture and rural development

>> Watch the video recording of the workshop (move forward to 1:23:00 to watch the workshop from the start)

An agricultural research and innovation conference to be held in Brussels on 26th – 28th January 2016 in Brussels will close the process.

The EU DG Research strategy on food and nutrition security

The development of the EU DG Research strategy on food and nutrition security (started Milan 8 May) See for online consultation. The consultation will remain open for contributions until the 1st September 2015.

  • This is an expert paper, not a Commission paper and as such will not end up as a Communication from the Commission. 
  • The HLPD dialogue is another element that addresses the European vision on Food and Nutrition Security. These could come together on 15th October when two Commissioners will attend the final presentation of the expert paper. 
  • The Commission is thinking of working closer to food industry as food lacks a big flagship even though it is the biggest employer in the EU. There has been a problem that innovation has often been very secretive due to economic interests. Could there be something relevant for the public domain? Complicating factor is that SMEs are not well represented in Brussels. 
  • 6 July 2015: “Geographical Indications in a globalised world: a win-win for producers and consumers”
  • 7-8 August 2015: “Global Food Security challenges” – Pre-conference event of the ICAE co-organised with the European Association for Agricultural Economists (EAAE) and the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium (IATRC)
  • 7 September 2015: “The Common Agricultural Policy and Young farmers” (title to be confirmed)
  • 7-15 September 2015: Week of DG Agriculture and Rural Development stakeholders: List of events [27 KB]
  • 24 September 2015: Workshop of the European Network for Rural Development (title to be confirmed)
  • 25 September 2015: Conference of the European Network for Rural Development (title to be confirmed)
  • 1 October 2015: Seminar on Quality policy and controls (title to be confirmed)
  • 2 October 2015: Seminar on Olive oil (title to be confirmed)
  • 14-15 October 2015: “Responsible EU agribusiness investments in ACP Countries” (title to be confirmed)
  • 20 October 2015: Seminar on the future of the CAP (title to be confirmed)

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