GFAR Constituent Assembly

GFAR Constituent Assembly

24-26 August 2015. Bangkok, Thailand. Around 150 GFAR stakeholder representatives took part in the “Renewal & Reform” of GFAR, coming together for its first-ever Constituent Assembly. During three days they met to decide the future role, resourcing and governance of the Global Forum.

The Global Forum was established almost 20 years ago, but agriculture today faces very different and complex new challenges, requiring us all to work together to solve them.

FAO’s Dr Ren Wang, 

who is helping to shape 

the future of GFAR
at the Constituent Assembly

I am optimistic about GFAR’s future – so long as it continues to get its strategy and priorities right, and if it continues to strengthen its competitive advantage; that is, its networks and links with multiple stakeholders. It will be important for GFAR to increase and enhance its representation, particularly of the emerging economies that continue to represent a large proportion of the increased investment in agricultural innovation systems. I hope that is a consideration when it comes to looking at the future governance of the Forum.”

The current “Renewal and Reform” process was triggered by an independent review in 2013,which recommended changes to GFAR’s governance structures in light of its evolving role. Since then, the Strategic Governance Working Group (SGWG) has been leading a strategic reflection on issues raised by the review as they impact on the Global Forum’s governance, including GFAR’s role and purpose, the basis for collective action by stakeholders, new models of governance required and how to resource the actions of the Forum.

These themes were examined and discussed in more depth at the Constituent Assembly, before participants are asked to make decisions related to each. Mark Holderness says that will require exploring some key concepts, to build understanding and mutual commitments around each –essential items in a voluntary movement.

Published on 19 Aug 2015
Interview with Dr. Ruth Onaing’o, GFAR Vice Chair on the upcoming Constituent Assembly to be held on Bangkok, Thailand.

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