Hidden Hunger conference

Hidden Hunger conference

3-6 March 2015. Stuttgart, Germany. The 2nd International Congress Hidden Hunger was a global meeting of scientists, field workers, members of NGOs and representatives from the government, public, private and civil sector. It focused on causes and consequences of Hidden Hunger during early development as well as on counter-strategies.

The program offered the approximately 360 participants from around the globe

  • 66 lectures,
  • 35 poster presentations,
  • 2 panel discussions and
  • 1 film

by experts from numerous disciplines, such as nutrition, gynecology, pediatrics, agricultural sciences, and economics.

Topics included:

  1. Impact of malnutrition on intrauterine development and its consequences on long-term health,
  2. Impact of Hidden Hunger on physical and cognitive development,
  3. Consequences of Hidden Hunger for future society and economy,
  4. Early detection of Hidden Hunger and options to intervene before and during pregnancy, lactation, complementary feeding, weaning and post-weaning period.

Panel discussions with participants from high- and low-income countries focused on the links and gaps between science and reality in all parts of the world. The conference also brought together various disciplines to discuss Hidden Hunger under the perspectives of nutrition, gynecology/obstetrics, pediatrics from neonatology to adolescent medicine, social sciences, politics, economics, and agricultural sciences.

The scientific program was complemented by a “Science Meets Culture” stream , with 6 artists and 3 students from the Transdisciplinarity Master’s Program of the Zürich University of the Arts.

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