IFPRI 2011 Global Food Policy Report

IFPRI 2011 Global Food Policy Report

23 April 2012. The 2011 Global Food Policy Report, a new flagship publication recently launched by the International Food Policy Research Institute, presents a broad picture of the year’s food policy issues as well as areas that require future attention.

Based on rigorous research, the Global Food Policy Report is designed specifically to provide an overview of 2011 and an outlook for 2012 for non-technical audiences. For the international community, the 2011 Global Food Policy Report makes a number of specific recommendations:

  • The G20 should do more to reduce competition between biofuel and food production and discourage trade restrictions that exacerbate price swings. 
  • The international community should consolidate global and regional agricultural growth strategies and create or strengthen the institutions needed to make these strategies work. 
  • Rio+20 conference participants should integrate economic, social, and environmental sustainability in their discussions and commit to concrete action on long-term development challenges, including poor nutrition, degraded soils, and scarce water. 
  • A broad intersectoral coalition should work together to address nutrition, food, and health issues.

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