Innovation platforms to improve smallholder dairying at scale

Innovation platforms to improve smallholder dairying at scale: Experiences from the MilkIT project in India and Tanzania
Duncan, A.J., Teufel, N., Ravichandran, T., Hendrickx, S. and Ballantyne, P.G.

August 2015. ILRI Project Report
In this paper the authors reflect on the potential role of innovation platforms as spaces to identify and spread useful innovations associated with dairy production and feeding. 
They draw examples from MilkIT, a project to promote milk production in India and Tanzania. They first introduce the idea of innovation platforms and show how they can be used to define the key issues quickly. They highlight the various changes in local practices that innovation platforms can stimulate. They then consider how local innovations can move beyond innovation platforms, and classify a series of mechanisms by which this can happen. They outline strategies to ensure that innovation platforms generate wide-scale changes.

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