International Agricultural Exhibition & Conference Israel

International Agricultural Exhibition & Conference Israel

28 – 30 April 2015. Tel Aviv, Israel. Agritech Israel 2015, the 19th International Agricultural Technology Exhibition. Once every three years, Israel hosts the Agritech exhibition which is one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies.The exhibition was held at the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center in Tel Aviv .

Naresh Magan, Cranfield University, UK

Agritech Israel 2015 included the conference for Post – Harvest and Food Loses Technologies. See prgramme.

Extract: 30/04: Food safety – Consumer’s perspective


Participants to the New KCC Israel tour
Boot from Ghana

19 April – 3 May 2015. Kenya Co-operative Creameries (New KCC), a milk processor, has sponsored 90 producers for a one-week tour to Israel, a country that has transformed its dairy sector despite its desert climate. The tour was organised by the New KCC extension wing, Platinum Ultra Events Limited and Israel Dairy School.

Participants at the KCB Israel tour
visiting Afimilk
Boot from Nigeria

23 April – 1 May 2015. Israel. Kenya Commercial Bank Biashara Club Members learning tour in Israel.
KCB Group sent 105 Biashara Club Members to visit Israel for international exposure that saw them network, find new export/import markets and learn from successful peer businesses especially on agriculture.

The 8-day tour aimed to expose the SME entrepreneurs to international business and agriculture practices and enable them learn from more established SMEs in Israel, one of the world’s experienced country on agriculture.

Boot from Kenya

The KCB Biashara Club was established in 2008 and currently has 12,000 active members in Kenya and over 4,000 in South Sudan and Rwanda. The trip () is part of KCB’s efforts to support growth of the SME sector in the region by providing platforms for learning and knowledge sharing.

The programme included educational tours at:

Emek Hefer Bee Center
Some of the Ugandan students and their colleagues in Israel


Israel internship: students to change Uganda’s agriculture
Uganda has sent more than 100 students to Israel. During the internship, the students will be attached to farms to train and practice their agricultural skills, over the length of the internship.

The programme is run by Agrostudies, an Israeli body focused on agriculture capacity building and food security in the third world. Issa Agaba Mugabo is Agrostudies coordinator for sub- Saharan Africa.

“The students are exposed to state-of-the-art technology in agriculture, veterinary and horticulture. For a Ugandan used to subsistence farming, this is a mind opener, but most importantly will have an impact on our own agriculture in the future,” Mugabo said.

Over 1,400 students from 19 countries are currently participating in this year’s programme. Out these, 500 students are from eleven African countries, with Uganda having the highest number. Apart from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Togo, Malawi, Senegal and Democratic Republic of Congo are the other participating countries.


Published on 30 Mar 2015
The Galana-Kulalu food program in Tana River and Kilifi counties is a flagship for Kenya to ensure there is enough food in the country. It will integrate various food and cash crops. It will also cater for livestock, fresh produce and fisheries. The five-year project will double the production of maize and Kenya will then be able to have enough and even export maize.
Planting at the Galana Kulalu Food Security project was expected to start later in April 2015. The project manager said the first harvest would be in the next five months. The date of the first harvest changed quite a few times since the project started, and project managers said the entire 10,000 acre model farm would be developed in the next 15 months.

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