Kick-off event Advisory Group on African-European Research and Innovation Cooperation

4 May 2021. The Advisory Group on African-European Research and Innovation Cooperation

From capacity building to innovation uptake, the experts cover a wide range of crosscutting themes within the four thematic pillars of:

  • EU-Africa stepped up cooperation in research and innovation for empowered public health systems;
  • How to strengthen research and innovation capacities in Africa focusing on both regional and bilateral cooperation;
  • Innovation and technology revolution;
  • Green Transition in Africa.

The group will work until October 2021 and present four evidence-based policy papers showcasing recommendations on how to improve research and innovation strategies as part of a positive agenda between Africa and Europe. Anticipated short-term results include an improved understanding of future demands of science, technology and innovation to the AU-EU Strategy and appropriate instruments to be used as well as an improved dialogue between AU and EU policy makers in the context of political priorities.

The kick-off event was only the start of a series of events to enable a lively exchange between policy makers from across the European Commission, African Union Commission and the experts and their team.

  • Jean-Eric Paquet, Director-General at DG Research and Innovation, together with Marjeta Jager, Deputy Director General at DG International Partnerships, opened a kick-off event and launched the Advisory Group.
  • Maria Cristina Russo, Director Global Approach & International Partnerships in DG Research and Innovation 
  • Birgitte Markussen, Ambassador of the European Union to the African Union
  • Carla Montesi, Director Green Deal and Digital Agenda at DG International Partnerships.

Experts in the EU-Africa Advisory Group on Research and Innovation: the group of six high-level experts from Africa and Europe  will assist the European Commission with advice on how to best boost the potential of research and innovation for Africa-Europe cooperation.

  • Anneline Morgan – Senior public policy maker and implementer, vast experience in international cooperation in research and innovation at national, regional, continental and international level.
  • Daniel Nahon – Emeritus professor, geologist/geochemist with great experience in Africa, founder and director of CEREGE, founder of a national TECHNOPOLE on environmental sciences and risks.
  • Prof. Sonia Abdelhak – Senior biologist at Institut Pasteur de Tunis, head of a research laboratory on biomedical genomics and oncogenetics, chairwoman of the Association of sustainable development, Research in Action.
  • Prof. Marleen Temmerman – Professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, director Aga Khan University, Nairobi, Kenya and UNESCO-Chair Health and Education, Former WHO Director.
  • Samir Abdelkrim – Author, entrepreneur and former columnist for major international journals. He is the French expert on African innovation and organiser of Emerging Valley, a hub for emerging innovation between Africa and Europe.
  • Bosun Tijani – Nigerian-British entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Co-Creation Hub; a pan-African innovation enabler that works for accelerating the application of innovation and social capital.

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