Malawi Programme for Aflatoxin  Control (MAPAC)

Malawi Programme for Aflatoxin Control (MAPAC)

The Malawi Programme for Aflatoxin Control (MAPAC) (September 2013, 54 pages) , developed in this document, represents an initial effort to create a shared vision, prioritize entry points and create mechanisms for effective coordination and collaboration of aflatoxin control in the country.

The program is proposed as a tool for collaborative advantage in the fight against aflatoxins in Malawi, contributing to the achievement of established nutrition and health; trade; and agriculture and food security objectives.

MAPAC is proposed as the national platform/forum on which collaboration and synergies among government agencies and relevant stakeholders can be built upon. It is also a channel/conduit to facilitate the implementation of regional strategies and aflatoxin-related efforts in the country.

This proposal analyses key capacity needs and gaps (based on existing government and development partner programmes / interventions), identifies critical components of a collaborative programme for aflatoxin control, and outlines implementation strategies and recommendations for follow-up by various stakeholders. This initial proposal gathers the views of several stakeholders consulted during the preparation phase (see Annex 1). It is the result of a preliminary, concerted effort towards advancing collaborative advantage for aflatoxin control in the country. But, while MAPAC is a response to the need for concerted action, it is at the same time a call for it.

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5 November 2013. IFPRI Policy Seminar “Aflatoxins: Finding Solutions for Improved Food Safety” 

19 November 2013 Webinar on Aflatoxin Risk Management
Speakers: Andrew Emmott (Twin); Isaac B. Gokah (MAPAC); Julian Smith (Fera)
About the Webinar:

Andrew Emmott, 

Senior Manager (Nuts) at Twin

In recent years, a pan-African initiative has emerged, the Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa (PACA), which is managed by the African Union through the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP). This webinar explores the approach taken by Malawi, through the Malawi Programme for Aflatoxin Control (MAPAC), to develop a framework aligned to PACA that seeks to address the challenges of monitoring, managing and mitigating aflatoxin risks in maize and groundnuts. The webinar will also look at the work of Twin and FERA and how their assistance to the coordinators of MAPAC is helping to raise the profile of their plan. >>Learn More

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