Managing change in the agri-businesses

Guy Stinglhamber, DG COLEACP with
Roland Waeyaert, DG EXCHANGE VZW

31 January 2015. Brussels, EXCHANGE VZW and COLEACP formalised their collaboration.

Both organisations share the common goal of supporting the private sector in less developed countries through technical assistance designed to support sustainable and competitive businesses.

The values and principles behind the work of EXCHANGE and COLEACP are similar in terms of cost sharing with beneficiaries, demand driven projects, and supporting rather than substituting for local players. The two organisations are also linked by a common field of activity: agriculture (forming 30% of the activities of EXCHANGE).

EXCHANGE VZW offers companies and organisations in the South the opportunity to call on a network of experienced volunteer experts who can conduct short-term technical missions in a range of fields. These include: managing change in businesses, investment, organisation, and development of business plans. The expertise offered is free, though a contribution is requested from the beneficiary to cover accommodation and other local logistical costs.

Companies in the South who are interested in benefiting from the expertise of EXCHANGE can apply via the following online form.

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