Multi-Stakeholder Platform Meeting Sustainable Livestock Agenda

Multi-Stakeholder Platform Meeting Sustainable Livestock Agenda

22-24 JANUARY 2013 NAIROBI, KENYA. 3rd Multi-stakeholder platform meeting. The Global Agenda of Action towards sustainable livestock sector development1 (GAA) has embraced the concept of improving “natural resource use efficiency”2 (NRUE) by means of new technologies to meet the world’s growing demand for livestock products while also reducing the environmental costs of the sector.

A policy brief entitled “Capitalizing on pastoralism to feed people and achieve livestock sector sustainability“, signed by the CELEP coalition and initiated by the League of Pastoral Peoples, IIED, the Life Network, et al. proposes an alternative approach to increasing livestock sector output without adding to environmental externalities: enhanced and more efficient use of the biomass in arid and remote areas by means of strengthened and modernized pastoralist production systems. 

This policy brief was created on the occasion of the GAA, now renamed Sustainable Livestock Agenda, that was launched on 22/01/2013 in Nairobi.

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Download the agenda of the meeting here

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