Nestlé is launching a range of noodles in South Africa

Nestlé is launching a range of noodles in South Africa

9 October 2015. Nestlé is launching a range of noodles in South Africa containing the indigenous vegetable morogo — the result of a public-private research collaboration that it says resulted in the development of an innovative commercial product.

This is the first time that morogo, also known as amaranthus, has been used on an industrial basis, Nestlé said in a press release. The company’s long-term stated goal is to help farmers boost their income by producing morogo on a commercial scale.

Morogo, the Tswana word for vegetables, refers to a group of dark green leafy vegetables found throughout Southern Africa. It’s also known as wild or African spinach and used to prepare traditional South African dishes, according to Taste.

  • Various leafy greens including cleome, cow pea and amaranthus were assessed by Nestlé and the research team for nutrient bioavailability during digestion.
  • After conducting research and consumer studies, amaranthus was ultimately chosen.
  • The development of the new product, packaged under the Maggi label, is the result of a three-year collaboration between the Switzerland-based food giant — the largest food company in the world by revenue — the South African Department of Science and Technology and the country’s Agricultural Research Council.
  • They agreed to research the potential of South Africa’s traditional leafy greens for possible use in food and nutraceuticals.

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