PAEPARD Communication and Advocacy workshop

PAEPARD Communication and Advocacy workshop

7 – 9 October 2014.  Brussels, Belgium. The PAEPARD consortium revisited its Communication and Advocacy strategy: objectives, target audience, key messages, and modes of delivery of the strategy. A draft implementation plan was developed with the roles and responsibilities of
project partners clearly indicated.


  1. Make participants aware of the need to communicate further than their own context;
  2. Build a shared joined communication and advocacy strategy;
  3. Make participants involved into concrete communication and advocacy actions;
  4. Set up a monitoring and evaluation device to mentor this strategy;
  5. Leave tools after the project to ensure the sustainability of the communication and advocacy.

Following the workshop the strategy will be validated by the PAEPARD stakeholders through an online process. A working group was established to guide this process.

Background documents:

  1. PAEPARD Workshop Objectives and Agenda_final.docx
  2. Comms and Advocacy_Lessons Learned_031014.doc
  3. Communication Report_Jan-Sept 2014.doc
  4. Advocacy strategy for PAEPARD_151010.docx
  5. PAEPARD Communication strategy_Draft_041010.docx
  6. Communication strategy to influence policy.doc
  7. Information_and_communication_strategy_PAEPARD_June 2008.doc
  8. EC visibility manual for external actions
Other useful resources (not related to the workshop):
Most employees are overloaded not only with work, but also with information. Therefore, people often perceive the introduction of a new strategy as an additional burden, which is time and energy consuming. What would be effective ways to introduce a knowledge management strategy in an organisation? This FAQ from KM4Dev discusses first the basic principles of introducing a KM strategy. Further information:
  • IFAD strategy for knowledge management (2007): English | French 
  • IFAD KM framework/update (2014): English
  • UNDP KM strategy (2014-2017): English

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