PAEPARD CSO consultation meeting

PAEPARD CSO consultation meeting

Thomas Price (GFAR Senior officer) addresses the participants

2 May 2012. Brussels.Espace Jacqmotte de la CTB (Coopération Technique Belge). PAEPARD-CSO consultation meeting: NGO and FO participation in Agricultural Research for Development. Mechanisms and instances at national, regional and global level and opportunities for NGO/FO coordination.

This workshop gathered European and African NGO and FO. It aimed at reviewing mechanisms and instances for NGOs and FOs participation to ARD, at different levels: global (GFAR/GCARD, CGIAR), continental/regional (EFARD, FARA, CORAF, ASARECA) and national. It focused on constraints to overcome and necessary conditions to ensure participation at these different levels and articulation between those levels. The day was organized around interventions of European and African experts and working groups to foster involvement of all participants.

  • General overview and historical background by Thomas Price 
  • Presentation about GFAR/ GCARD by Thomas Price 
  • Presentation about CGIAR by Christian Castellanet 
  • Presentation about EFARD by Ann Waters-Bayer 
  • Example of national level: Swiss National ARD Forum by Martina Graf 
  • Presentation about ASARECA by Mary-Jo Kakinda 
  • Presentation about CORAF and challenges at national level by Mamadou Goita

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