PAEPARD Management Team Meeting (MTM)

PAEPARD Management Team Meeting (MTM)

26 February. CTA. Brussels. Pre-MTM meeting between FARA and Agrinatura (Work Package 7).
27-28 February 2013. Brussels. Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA). PAEPARD Management Team Meeting (MTM).

The objectives of the 7th MTM were to:

  • Validate the technical and financial reports for year 3 (17 December 2011-16 December 2012); 
  • Update the work plan 2013 and the budget and discuss on the 10% of the last instalment; 
  • Evaluate the Users Led Process implemented by the 5 partners (EAFF, PROPAC, ROPPA, FANRPAN, COLEACP). 
  • Discuss PAEPARD 3 and the progress of the Action Fiche. 

The following outputs were produced by the MTM:

  • A draft technical report that will be submitted to the Steering Committee (SC) and the EC; 
  • A draft of the financial report that will be submitted to the SC and later to the EC; 
  • A budget for year 4 (no cost extension) with figures; 
  • Update of the implementation of the users led process from each implementing partner.

Background to the Users Led Process
The Users Led Process was approved by the MTM in Accra on 10-11 July 2012. The research-user partners have selected their federating theme as follows:

  • EAFF: Post handling of Extensive Livestock value chains in Eastern Africa with Specific focus on Kenya and Uganda 
  • PROPAC: Environmental impact of the value chain inclusive of gardening crops in urban areas with specific focus in Congo Brazzaville, DRC and Cameroon 
  • ROPPA: Climate Change Adaptation Technologies on rice production in Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali 
  • FARNPAN/SACAU: Ground nut value chain in Zambia and Malawi 
  • COLEACP: Adding value to Mango non-food uses in West Africa (Burkina-Faso, Ivory-cost, Senegal).

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