Pastoralism and Development: Dynamic Change at the Margins

Pastoralism and Development: Dynamic Change at the Margins

This book gives a view of ‘development at the margins’ in the pastoral areas of the Horn of Africa. Edited by Andy Cutley, Jeremy Lind and Ian Scoones, Pastoralism and Development In Africa highlights innovation and entrepreneurialism, cooperation and networking and diverse approaches which are rarely in line with standard development prescriptions.

Through 20 detailed empirical chapters, the book highlights diverse pathways of development, going beyond the standard ‘aid’ and ‘disaster’ narratives.

The book is part of the STEPS Centre’s Pathways to Sustainability book series.


Book launch Pastoralism and Development in Africa: Dynamic
Change at the Margins, 13 February 2013, Jacaranda Hotel, 6-8 PM

Spaces of insecurity. Human agency in violent conflicts in KenyaKaren Witsenburg and Fred Zaal 
African Studies Collection 45
ISBN 978-90-5448-120-1
There are regions in the world where socio-economic deprivation, ecological marginality, political exclusion, poverty and violence all seem to converge. The cases presented in this book describe the various violent conflicts in rural Kenya and aim to understand spatial insecurity while searching for explanations beyond the mainstream narratives that blame poverty, ethnic diversity, resource scarcity or rapid cultural transition for violent conflicts.

“Spatial insecurity’ is a societal context that people themselves shape, make use of, exploit and suffer from. The overall conclusion is that ‘ethnic identity’ can no longer be used as a refuge behind which violent conflict can be justified.

At least 7 chapters deal with violent conflicts and pastoralism.

ILRI clippings 30/01/2013. Livestock for Africa’s food security: Sydney launch of Australian International Food Security Centre

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