Redesigning dietary education

Redesigning dietary education

Habiba Hassan-Wassef, Redesigning dietary education. MediTERRA 2012 (english) 2012, Chapter 19. Page 399-422.

The purpose of dietary education (DE) is to help populations make the right food choices so as to consume a diet that enables them to lead a healthy, productive and socially active life. The changes that have taken place in the practice of DE are reviewed in this article against the factors that have influenced this evolution. 

As dietary education has evolved, implementation modalities have changed and innovative initiatives have been introduced adopting creative approaches to the formulation and communication of educational messages

The latter, in turn, build on the newly discovered relations and processes that are based on the outcome of the current understanding of biological knowledge systems. The evolution in food production systems, scientific discoveries, changes in life-supporting ecosystems, and the introduction of novel food-processing techniques are some of the factors that influence the food production and consumption continuum, from the producer to the consumer. 

In facing the challenges of the multi-layered, complex causal web of interdependent factors for diet-related disorders, dietary education programmes necessarily had to integrate approaches involving a wide developmental base that brought in other partners and stakeholders from the various sectors concerned.

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