REPORT: Making Better Policies for Food Systems

REPORT: Making Better Policies for Food Systems

OECD (2021) Making Better Policies for Food Systems. OECD Publishing, Paris,

Food systems around the world face a triple challenge: providing food security and nutrition for a growing global population; supporting livelihoods for those working along the food supply chain; and contributing to environmental sustainability. Better policies hold tremendous promise for making progress in these domains. 

This report focuses on three questions. 
  1. What has been the performance of food systems to date, and what role did policies play? 
  2. How can policy makers design coherent policies across the triple challenge? 
  3. And how can policy makers deal with frictions related to facts, interests, and values, which often complicate the task of achieving better policies? 
Better policies will require breaking down silos between agriculture, health, and environmental policies, and overcoming knowledge gaps, resistance from interest groups, and differing values. Robust, inclusive, evidence-based processes are thus essential to making better policies for food systems.

Read the report online here

1. The triple challenge
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Challenge 1: Food security and nutrition
1.3. Challenge 2: Livelihoods
1.4. Challenge 3: Environmental sustainability
1.5. Conclusion
2. Principles for policy coherence
3. Achieving better policies
4. The contribution of the seed sector to the triple challenge
5. The contribution of the ruminant livestock sector to the triple challenge
6. The contribution of the processed food sector to the triple challenge
7. Conclusion

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