REPORT: Mycotoxins and Postharvest Losses in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mycotoxins and Postharvest Losses in Sub-Saharan Africa English (2.45 MB – pdf) 33 p.

A workshop was organized (18/06/2021) by the European Commission Knowledge Centre for Global Food and Nutrition Security (KCFNS) in collaboration with the main African and European scientific networks working on methods to quantify and reduce mycotoxin contamination of food and feed and grain postharvest losses (The African Postharvest Losses Information System (APHLIS), Mytox-South, Mycokey and African Society of Mycotoxicology (ASM)).

The main objective was to bring together the postharvest losses and mycotoxins research networks in Africa and to reflect on links and research priorities which are relevant to both communities. The workshop focused on existing network activities, common priority research questions and possibilities for stronger integration and collaboration between the networks.

The event was attended by members of the postharvest losses and African mycotoxins research networks as well as by invited experts of the international research community. Participants came from three continents, Africa (13), North America (6) and Europe (12).

Highlighted recommendations

1. Food safety including postharvest management should be part of the educational curriculum in African schools.

2. Investment in tools and technologies adapted to the needs of small-scale food production, handling, storage and processing enterprises should be put in place, as well as food quality incentives.

3. The African Food Safety Authority should help bridge the legislative, technical and enforcement gaps between African countries, as soon as it is operational.

4. Access to online communication systems, information targeted for small-scale farmers and increased mycotoxin predictive modelling and data collection capacities should become more commonly available in Africa.

5. Influencers should be involved to help shift investments in the food sector and drive demand for and support for promoting production and consumption of safe and healthy food production.


Review paper on the potential of Mycotoxins predictive modelling in Africa 18 p.

3rd African Society of Mycotolxiclolgy joint MYTOX-SOUTH conference to April 2022.

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